Spiral Staircase Kits

Choice for your house staircase. Choose your stairs:
Stairs are not only functional, but it offers a strong design element, your room and interior design. Each stage of your own rhythm and beautiful shapes and patterns on the two curves, linear or circular creation. As the steps are difficult and expensive to build, it is better to have a staircase to find a stair parts manufacturer is different so you have your own entrance and the builders of the meeting on the design of building. 

Kant and the cost of running the meeting, but no change. In both cases, you can choose to spiral, straight, circular or other form. They can be large or small, steep or gradual, and the materials - wood, stone, cement and steel. Here is a staircase built on your choice list of some of the most common. 

Spiral staircase plans can help you create your own. 
Spiral staircase is the most common pre-built and knocked down kits. It is the economic cost and space. They are looking for a new vision of the attic, basement, two large rooms. 

Spiral staircase in steel, aluminum, hardwood, combination of the two. Many companies have metal and hardwood, but some specialize in one or the other. Normally you should choose the basic design, the application of the pedal, railing, railings, etc. 

Solid wood staircase, or even metal. Them to the red oak, poplar, white oak, ash, nut, mahogany, cherry and other types of wood. They also thermally galvanized steel and aluminum for a custom layer a variety of colors to complete. Trellis can pedal flat or increase, hardwood, rubber, steel, plywood or carpet base. 

You will be able to choose the direction, you have the time of the spiral staircase. You must also specify the diameter. Diameter should be your 4'6 0.6. 

The first choice you will have to make is whether a portable or as a complete selection of one-piece unit. Demolition can be cheaper and easier to ship, but the unit will more durable.They even faster and easier to install, light weight. Single unit can use Rails more choice. 

So, you ask, why a package to consider? They are cheaper and easier to ship. They lived in a small-caliber steel-plastic steel, plastic 400 500 dollars U.S. dollar started. Aluminum is 1500 U.S. dollars, all wood or a combination in 2000 to 5,000 yuan. 

Straight staircases 
Straight stairs are the most common and understandable. Design is straight up or down. Some companies manufacture parts can be connected to the end of the destination terminal. They vary in cost of 1000-2000 dollars, but also more sensitive. Most pre-building pre-cut and re-decoration of the number. 

Circular staircase kits
These high quality custom residential staircase overall style. They can buy or pre-mix in factory production practices. Any circular staircase weight lifting equipment to re-combinations. 

Prices range from approximately $ 1,000 for hardwood circular stairway stock size from 10.000 to 10 times the unit, the number is very adaptable. It is difficult to the size of the house because of the ground floor level of stock should be carefully designed and built staircases specifications.Contractors like the stairs in the house, have.Specially about 25,000 U.S. dollars to install for the design of the average price of the opposite. 

Read code 
Most local laws and regulations in line with national standards, but you have to the local government for the first time. Staircase is decorated in a minimum depth and breadth of security. Know your stairs, and then can be very expensive later.